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Please be patient with us as we are often outside quality testing our products and not necessarily waiting by the phone. That said, we welcome your call, text or email at any time, day or night, and usually respond very quickly.

Tel: 832-429-GUNS (4867)

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T A C T I C A L   A R M S   C O R P S


Tactical Arms Corps is a Veteran owned and family run business.  We pride ourselves in helping to arm and supply our fellow  citizens and neighbors with quality American made firearms, ammunition and accessories. We are 2nd Amendment absolutists and believe that it is every American's right to arm themselves for the protection and provision of their selves, their family and their community.

  • We like our American manufacturers, but we will hunt down anything for our valued customers. Firearms, optics, holsters, ammunition, magazines, sights, aftermarket upgrades and of course ammo ammo ammo!

  • Give TAC a chance to save you money!!! We can usually beat the big box store prices. Tell us what you want and we'll get you a price.

  • TAC can provide straight forward advice on multiple topics such as firearm quality, function, ammo selection, concealed carry, training, self defense law, etc.

  • *** LADIES ***  We have two ladies in our own family who carry and can share their experience with you.

  • Unlike the big stores, we want you to have what YOU want... not just what happens to be in stock and on sale.

  • Basic firearm safety training and test firing of several models available upon request.  Message, call or email for an appointment.

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